1) Excellent speed, efficiency, high precision  CNC engraver router machine built in X, Y Axis drive system rack and pinion with 25 mm square linear rails achieving high positioning, motion accuracy & longer life. 

2) Working Table with aluminum T-slot and PVC sheet for protection of worktable which ensures for longer life.
3) Optional 1.5 KW /2.2 KW / 3.5 KW / 4.5 KW / 6.0 KW / 7 KW / 9 KW / 12 KW spindles of various power.
4) Handheld DSP controller to set job parameter, and download from computer via USB cable and USB key also.
5) Original italian HSD spindle longer life and guaranteed performance


Special size table. From 4 x 4ft ~ 7 x 21 ft.

Vacuum table or aluminum T- slot extrusion table.

Automatic lubricating system.

Mist cooling system.

Machine moving feet

Manual tool changer spindle

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Technical Specifications

Model No-





X, Y, Z, working area

600x900x120 mm

1220x1220x120 mm

1300x2500x200 mm

1500x3000x200 mm

Table size

780×1316 mm

1294 x 1560 mm

1294 x 1560 mm

2150 x 3800 mm


±  0.03/300  mm


± 0.02 mm

± 0.05 mm

Lathe structure

Cast steel, with stand

Welding steel structure

Cast steel, with stand

Welding steel structure

X,Y,Z structure

Ball screw and linear rails

Rack pinion, ball screw linear rails


T-slot table

T-slot table + vacuum pump

Linear guide

Hg 25 for Y axis, HG 20 for X and Z

Max. consume power

3.0 KW

4.0 KW

6.5  KW

Max. rapid

0-18000 mm / min

0-10,000 mm / min

0-32000 mm / min

Max working speed

0-15000 mm / min

0-6000 mm / min

0-20000 mm / min


1.5 Kw Air- Cooling spindle, ER 16

4.5 Kw or 6 Kw Italian HSD spindle, ER 25

Spindle speed

0-24000 rpm

0-18000 rpm

Working mode


Working voltage

AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, Single phase

AC 220 V / 380, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase

Command Code

G Code (*uoo, *nc, *mmg, *plt)

Operating System

NC Studio DSP Control System


Printer Port 50 pins OR USB


128 MB (or Flash Drive)


Type3, Ucancam V9, Artcam

X, Y Working Accuracy

< 0.01 mm


Sand Polishing and Powder Coating


Delta / Sufar / Fuling (Any One make )

Optional 1:

Rotary Attachment Size Diameter 125 mm, Length 1300 mm

Optional 2 :

Original Artcam Software.

Dust Collector

With dust collector hood

2.2 KW, Dual Bags, 220 V, 1ph

Packaging Size

1780x1180x1670 mm

1920x1830x1680 mm

3140x1940x1780 mm

3680x2130x1850 mm

Gross weight

250 Kg

800 Kg

1200 Kg

1750 Kg












Applicable Industry

Architectural mill work, exhibits / stores fixtures furniture manufacturing, machining plastic sheet, residential & commercial constructions, aluminum composites, sign & graphic, wood working, plastic fabrications, POP, metal fabrication, solid surface, 3D-panel mold making, 3D-plastic trimming, MDF cutting, acrylic, panel builder, die maker, duct maker etc,