Nd YAG Laser Spot welding Machine


This Nd : YAG laser spot welding machine uses ceramic spotlighting cavity from England that has higher reflectance, higher power, very long life. As a proven model in the market, this machine has mature technology and stable performance, and is a volume-selling machine for over four years.

The machine comes with high power chiller which keep the systems running for longer time. Special long table is provided with ball-Screw based  Z- Axis for precision & easy positioning of jobs & also movement during welding


  • Precision injection die-cast, module fixing metal decoration
  • Parts precision stamping
  • Parts welding
  • Fix flushing sluice
  • Aluminum casting
  • Stainless products
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Technical specifications

Laser wavelength 1064 nm
Spotlighting cavity English ceramic spotlighting cavity
Max laser power 200 Watt
Width of pulse 0.1-20 MS
Laser frequency 0.1-30 Hz
Laser point area 0.3-2 mm
Power of cooling machine 1.5 p
Working area 100 x 120 mm
Total power 6 kw ( 1 way / 3 way )
Electricity (1 way) 220 V ± 5% / 50 Hz / 30 A
(3 way) 380 V ± 5%/50 Hz / 20 A
Size Machine: 600 x 1400 x 1200 mm
Cooling machine:400 x 650 x 700 mm