Fiber Laser Cutting Machine STAR

The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine STAR is a new generation model with technological advancements and enhanced with many IOT and Industry 4.0 features that deliver high-speed cutting as well as great acceleration and automation for material handling. It is equipped with latest generation hardware and in-house developed software which provides very ease in operation and less maintenance with great uptime.

Why you need speedy SIL STAR Laser cutting machine?

Thinking to execute your plan of increasing your production capacity and grow your business rapidly then Speedy SIL STAR is the right solution for you. As the Fastest and automated Laser cutting machine in the market, SIL STAR multiplies your daily output making it profitable with its advanced sheet management and gives best returns on your necessary investment.

World class features, Trusted technology and machine built up mechanical engineering ensure minimum maintenance and maximum output. The Smart SIL STAR Nesting software guarantees smooth flow of work from the planned designed to the executed and finished product.

Key Features of SIL STAR

  • Enhanced laser cutting quality and higher productivity with our SIL Star 20 kW laser machine.
  • 40 % more productivity from 5 mm to 30 mm metal cutting sheets compared with 10 kW laser power.
  • SIL STAR has a 30 % more productivity than our Pro series.
  • SIL STAR is enhanced with sheet auto-loading and unloading speed, pallet movement speed, reduced Z Axis travel by same level pallet, QR code file transfer via cloud and other advanced features increase productivity.
  • Improved dynamics than earlier and performing the best Cutting quality.
  • Advanced features developed on our machine for highlighting complete production, machine health, periodic maintenance alerts, error notifications in software/hardware and much more information is displayed on optional cloud based display platform.
  • Operation is simple as operating a smartphone with IOT, Pro features are all available on your fingertips. Our system has real-time monitoring built in and is totally automated, helping to prevent operational mistakes and preserve uptime.
  • The high level of machine construction is intended to increase profitability and reduce material handling time..
  • Our machine is compatible with any of your existing or future automation and material handling or storage systems.
  • SIL Star can be synced to ERP solution for multiple materials and thicknesses, allowing to easily manage stock management and procurement throughout the month.

Laser Source

SIL STAR is an edition that includes its own SIL Laser Source.

OEM laser

SIL OEM Laser – 10 to 30kW

Cutting Head

The laser cutting head integrated with the SIL STAR Machine is SIL’s own designed and manufactured cutting head for features such as

  • Drop Hole Error Protection: Cutting head will sense the sheet metal part edge and if sheet is not present, it gives drop hole error.
  • Anti – Collision: Collision prevention with special CNC advanced controllers option with anti-crash detection and high speed Z Axis retraction on no sheet underneath or nozzle touch.
  • Intelligent Edge Detection: The three-stage capacitive detects the precision of the sheet angle and adjusts the nested sheet accordingly.
  • Sheet Angle Detection: Because of the presence of the line tracking option, the cutting head will detect the angle of the sheet..
  • Drag and Cut: An advanced feature in SIL STAR allows user to simply drag a CAD file onto the vision representation display of the HMI, reducing material waste and letting user to process without generating a new NC file.
  • Nozzle Condition Detection: Our controller will detect the condition of nozzle and it will give us an error notification if damaged.


SIL STAR comes with SIL controller which provides advanced capabilities and smarter yet necessary features as

  • Bevel Cutting: Chamfers and countersunk can be obtained with our laser cutting machine itself. Improve quality while potentially reducing machining costs. By adjusting parameters, different sizes and angles can be obtained on different thicknesses.
  • Advanced CAD – CAM Nesting: SIL nesting software enables Lead Line Process, I – Pierce, Common Cut, and Bridge Cutting with maximum sheet utilization..
  • OCT Technology: Instead of multiple wires, a single cable for encoder and power between motors and servo drives is used.
  • Remote Access & Pre-Alert of Maintenance: Machine auto alerts regarding maintenance to be taken care which reduces downtime of machine and helps to to maintain machine performance and accuracy..
  • Fly Cut: The machining order and process used for the holes must be correct to ensure the best possible performance during fly-cutting mode. The algorithm that calculates the machining order must detect holes in the screens to perform this type of cut.
  • Cut Without Piercing: High power and speed allows cutting process without drilling a hole in the material to be cut.
  • Piercing On The Fly: To achieve this type of cut, the machine and numeric control must be capable of turning the laser on and off, as well as being precisely positioned at a specific point within a specified time interval (fractions of a second). To accomplish this, the material thickness must be fine enough to allow for drilling without activation time.
  • Three Stage Controller Access: Individual login access controls for production, service engineer, and application engineer are enabled.
  • Program Perforation – Precision Laser perforation is possible with the adequate and appropriate programming.

  • OT Based Communication: Data from multiple machines processing in real time will be displayed via a cloud-based network.
  • Ethercat Communication Protocol: All instruments used in the system are interfaced by Ethercat protocol enabling easy noise free one cable integration.
  • User Friendly HMI: Very easy to operate with pre-set parameters and multiple functions.
  • Capacitive Touch Screen: Highly sensitive HMI eliminates the need for a stylus and allows for operation with a small magnitude of force and multi-point touch access.
  • Wireless Pendant: Wireless remote controller pendent with Wi-Fi connectivity for Simple operations.
  • Single Level Pallet: Providing less stroke movement for the Z-Axis reduces cutting cycle time and improves magnification stability.
  • High Suction Capacity Fume Extractor: Four bags filter that enables microns scale particles collections and dust filtration.
  • Zone Wise Fume Extraction: An automated fume extraction as per machine gantry as well as cutting head working position. Small automatic doors will open at the particular point of cutting area to extract harmful gasses and particle dust.
  • QR Code Scanning: QR code scanning system helps controller to retract right parts and design to be loaded which avoids possible mistakes and errors from machine operator. Production process controlled as per the QR code of the sheet to be processed.
  • Sheet Clamping Mechanism: It ensures the same position of the sheet while the pallets are exchanged, it helps to referencing the position of the sheet in no time.
  • Visual Representation: Three vision cameras assist to monitor the cutting process, pallet exchanger and operator console.
  • 6X Lightning Piercing with Zoom Cutting: Achieves 6X rapid piercing speed. This cutting mode is useful for certain jobs that involve parts with many interior holes, in which the cutting movements are alternated with short empty movements. In these cases, the machining time is considerably reduced, with a subsequent increase in productivity.
  • Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8 x 2.5 meters with Laser power 10kW to 30 kW.
  • 300% more productivity from 5 mm to 30 mm sheets.
  • High quality with less heat dispense and minimal burr even for ferrous metals.
  • Innovative technology for gas-regulated systems to reduce waste and consumption.
  • Even in high power laser systems, the operating cost of energy consumption is very low..
  • Excellent AMC plans for various industry working modules.
  • Multiple sheet automations for loading, unloading, large part collection, slat conveyor, sorting sheets with respect to material and thickness, nozzle cleaning, nozzle changer, nozzle beam centering, sheet scissor lift and other are available with our SIL-STAR series.
  • We provide tailor-made automation systems as per our customer’s existing setup.
  • Become an invincible manufacturer by providing extraordinary quality in production and delivery along with long machine life.


MODEL Star 4020
Working Area 4000×2000
Laser Power Source 10-30 KW
Positioning Accuracy ≤ ± 0.03 mm / m
Repositioning Accuracy ≤ ± 0.02 mm
Maximum Rapid Speed 180 – 220 m / min *
Maximum Acceleration 2 – 3 G *
Controller STAR 1.0

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