Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Pro

New Integrated laser system with pro features of 6X piercing speed with precise beam quality possessing high Laser power up to 30kW ensuring maximum reliability and productivity based on the type of material to be processed having benefit of minimal maintenance. We have wide range of Fiber Laser cutting machines integrated with EtherCat, Beckhoff, FANUC controllers & finest quality laser beam source of SIL OEM, IPG, FANUC of high laser power having variety in different working areas.

SIL machines have other features of vision cameras for monitoring the cutting process, pallet exchange, operator console with sheet clamping mechanism which secures sheet while cutting process. The special CNC advance controllers option prevents collision with anti detection and high speed Z Axis retraction on no sheet underneath or nozzle touch. QR code scanning system & compatible nesting software from Sigmanest, Lantek and Metallix also fall under advance features which we supply.
We provide some additional features such as Auto Nozzle Exchanger, Auto Nozzle Cleaner, Nozzle Beam Centring, Slat Conveyor (Optional).

Laser Sources

Laser occurs in a wide variety of sources and power with output characteristics that possess an even greater degree of variation. We provide all commercially available laser systems as well as those specifically designed for targeted applications to achieve the expected result.


IPG Laser – 1 – 40 kW

OEM laser

SIL OEM Laser – 1 – 30 kW

Cutting Heads

Laser Cutting head to be integrated with the Laser machine possessing its own features available are



CNC controllers are computer numerically controlled (CNC) devices that control machines and processes. They provide capabilities ranging from simple point-to-point linear control to highly complex algorithms with multiple axes of control. Each CNC controller model is available with several machine control capabilities depending on the software functions.


Pro Features

Visual Representation

Three Vision Cameras help to monitor the cutting process, pallet exchange, and operator console.

Auto Nozzle Cleaner

The machine automatically cleans its nozzle over a programmed period of time with a brush installed on it.

Auto Calibrator

It measures the positioning error (inaccuracies) in the machine’s axes and adjusts to ensure its accuracy and precision.

Auto Nozzle Exchanger

When the material or sheet thickness changes, the automatic nozzle changer screws on the new nozzle automatically while the pallet is being changed, resulting in machine passive time.

Auto Nozzle Beam Centring

This feature of the laser cutting head’s auto nozzle centering eliminates the possibility of back reflection due to incorrect manual centering.

Six Zone Fume Extractor

This system utilizes a fan using negative draught to pull fumes and dust particles into a contained filtration system. This process removes hazardous particles from the air.

Sheet Clamping Mechanism

This mechanism allows us to secure the sheet while it is being cut. It ensures the same position of the sheet while the pallets are exchanged. It helps to reference the position of the sheet in no time.

Remote Access and Pre-alert of Maintenance

Machine auto-alerts for maintenance to be performed, which reduces machine downtime and helps to maintain the machine’s good health.

Capacitive Touch

Highly sensitive HMI eliminates the need for a stylus and allows for operation with a small magnitude of force and multi-point touch access.

Capacitive Edge Detection

The two-stage capacitive detects the precision of the sheet angle and adjusts the nested sheet accordingly.

Fly Cut (1000 holes/ min)

The cutting mode in which the laser cutting process is turned on while the head is moving results in noticeably reduced cutting time.

Program Perforation

Precision Laser perforation can be achieved with required programming.

Anti Collision

Collision avoidance with special CNC advanced controllers, anti-crash detection, and high-speed Z Axis retraction on no sheet underneath or nozzle touch.

QR Code Reading

The QR code scanning system helps the controller to retract the right parts and design to be loaded, which avoids possible mistakes and errors from the machine operator. The production process is controlled as per the QR code of the sheet to be processed.

Cut Without Piercing

High power and speed allow cutting processes without drilling a hole in the material to be processed for cutting..

6X Lightning Piercing

The machine is featured to achieve a 6X rapid piercing speed, which is also controllable.

Autoloading & Unloading Systems

Autoloading & Unloading with Sorting System

Autoloading & Unloading System

Technical Specifications

MODEL  F-Pro 3015 F-Pro 4020 F-Pro 4025 F-Pro 6020 F-Pro 6525 F-Pro 8020
Working Area 3000 x 1500 4000 x 2000 4000 x 2500 6000 x 2000 6500 x 2500 8000 x 2000
Laser Power Source 1-30 KW
Positioning Accuracy ≤ ± 0.03 mm / m
Repositioning Accuracy ≤ ± 0.02 mm
Maximum Rapid Speed 120 – 200 m / min *
Maximum Acceleration 1.5 – 3 G *
Controller SILCUT 2.0 – ECAT / Beckhoff / Fanuc

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Samples

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