Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machines

Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machines

A fiber laser cutting machine is a cutting-edge industrial tool that utilizes a high-powered fiber laser to accurately and precisely cut various materials, primarily metals. With its advanced technology, the machine produces a concentrated laser beam that delivers exceptional cutting performance, resulting in clean, smooth, and high-quality cuts. The fiber laser cutting machine offers several advantages, including high cutting speed, excellent beam quality, minimal heat distortion, and versatility in handling different metal thicknesses.

It is widely used in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and engineering, enabling efficient and cost-effective metal cutting operations for increased productivity and superior finished products.

Pro Series

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The Pro Series is designed to deliver exceptional performance. With a standard bed size of 3m*1.5m, the machine offers versatility and customizable bed sizes are also available in 4m*2m, 6.5m*2.5m, and 8m*3m, catering to different cutting needs. Equipped with an advanced high performance Controller, this machine ensures precise and efficient cutting. It excels in cutting various materials, offering high thickness fast cutting capability.

Flexi Series

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SIL Flexi Series laser cutting machine comes with a standard bed size of 3m * 1.5m & a durable rack and pinion motion system. The lightweight gantry with synchronized dual servo motors ensures high dynamics while the cutting head with autofocus technology ensures precision. It has a cutting speed of 30 m/min & a rapid speed of 80 m/min with 1G acceleration, & a machine dynamics of 200 holes/min.

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

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A Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine also known as a Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine, is used specifically to cut metal pipes of a specific thickness. Machines made by SIL have a compact design and are simple to operate. With the SIL FLTC – Pro Series, cutting various tube types, including round, oval, rectangular, square, C & I Channel pipes, is easy to achieve.

Laser Micro Machining System

Laser Micro Machining System

Laser Micro Machining System are currently used by the automobile and medical industries, as well as in the production of semiconductors and solar cell processing. Lasers for micromachining offer a wide range of wavelengths, pulse durations. These attributes allow micro-machining with high resolution in depth and lateral dimensions.

Laser Cutting & Welding System

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SILASERS designed, developed, and manufactured a fully automated Fiber Laser Cutting and Welding System to conquer the challenges and complexity of manufacturing elongated railway bogies.

Laser Sheet & Pipe Cutting Machine

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The Fiber Laser Metal Sheet-Pipe Cutting Machine exemplifies high-tech flexibility in 2D & rotary cutting. By seamlessly integrating beam-modulation technology, it automatically adjusts the power and speed to match material thickness, allowing for efficient transitions between flat sheet and tube or pipe cutting.

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