MSc. PhD. (Laser Interferometry) , Laser Scientist

Post Doctorate, Imperial College of Science, London

Late. Dr. Suresh Shah

Our Managing Director and Visionary Late. Dr. Suresh Shah, an Patriotic  Indian Laser expert who has Designed, Developed and Produced Various Lasers Systems for Industrial and Research Applications Since 1975, he had dedicated his entire life for MAKE IN INDIA program.

  • Appointed as Laser Research Scientist at Advani Oerlikon in 1982.
  • Joined Post-Doctorate Program on CO2 Laser Oscillator/Amplifier System at Imperial College of Science & Technology in 1985.
  • Joined Liverpool University, UK as Laser Scientist in 1987 & did Research on Carbon Di-Oxide Laser.
  • Founded Suresh Indu Lasers Private Limited in 1990.

Our Directors

Goshal Shah
(Technical Director)

Vardhaman Shah
(Marketing Director)

Mandakini Shah
(Financial Director)

Prithvi Shah
(Operations Director)

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